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SAP. Before I joined consenso, the three letters of the Walldorf-based software company were only a side issue in my business studies. However, after six years in business development at an IT company, a current colleague introduced me to consenso as an SAP consultant.

Within a few days of starting, it was clear that I would be involved in a rollout project for a large retail company in the area of sales and logistics processes. Accordingly, the other project colleagues took care to familiarise me with the processes and content, so that after a short time I was able to develop a solid understanding of the three letters mentioned at the beginning.

During my first month, I ended up sitting on-site at the customer's premises, initially accompanied by the other colleagues to catch up on their experience, and a little later on my own responsibility dealing with the customer's questions.

Along with the responsibility, the amount of travelling also increased quickly. I travelled week after week, not only to various locations in Germany, but also to the Netherlands and Belgium within the first year. The excellent sense of community within consenso's project team ensured that the evenings were never boring while travelling. Everybody agreed that once the work was done, the evening was spent together over some cool drinks. A team spirit that I consider to be unique in my professional life so far.

The rollout progressed and the constant challenge of dealing with various questions and requirements from the customer strengthened my understanding of the processes and SAP functionalities, as did my role with the customer. At the beginning of the second year, I took over the coordination of the further rollout in France. In addition to working on the system, I was also increasingly involved in coordinating day-to-day work. New project members also joined the team, who we helped to get off to a smooth start – just as I experienced myself in the beginning.

The first two years flew by and my affinity for IT enabled me to explore the technical areas of the system in ever greater depth. Over time, it was no longer enough for me to simply hand over a customer requirement to development and test the implemented product at the end. It was also important for me to understand the programming solution in the coding. A big thank you at this point to the patience and commitment of all my colleagues in development.

As my understanding of the technology "under the bonnet" grew, the personal subject boundaries in the project became increasingly blurred. Sales and logistics were gradually joined by purchasing and accounting topics, followed shortly afterwards by cross-system processes via the SAP PI/PO interface.

By this time, the focus of my activities in the project had already shifted from the rollout to working on various projects to optimise the SAP retail system, some of which I helped initiate.

Some 50 customer sites visited in eight countries, just as many go-lives and countless developments later, I am now one of the main contacts for the customer. In addition to coordinating our developments, I manage consenso's activities in the customer's SAP retail environment. Furthermore, I am still active in various projects for the customer and can contribute the expertise I have gained over many years of project work. In particular, this variety of topics and the continued opportunity to familiarise myself with new areas make my job as an SAP consultant extremely entertaining.

Within consenso, I have taken over the sales area in a pair with a colleague in order to promote the latest developments regarding the SAP retail solution at consenso as well as the knowledge transfer within the company whilst working on basic SAP retail topics. Then one thing is certain: In my experience, the team spirit within the consenso family is what makes the projects successful and the work fun. There's a reason why I regularly take the 15-minute commute to work to tackle the challenges of the job in the presence of my colleagues wink.

Marc Imlau, SAP Senior Consultant (in January 2024)



Once doesn't count

The first time I 'signed on' with consenso was in November 2014. My start in an SAP consulting company marked a completely new chapter in my life, 520 kilometres away from my home in the heart of East Westphalia!

Having previously worked for a large food retailer (initially in purchasing and later as an in-house IT consultant in the area of master data) while completing my part-time studies in Business Administration, I was looking for new challenges. I applied to consenso and was promptly offered the job.

I was warmly welcomed from day one, even though I first had to get to know the East Westphalian way (including the difference between "anne" and "inne"), which is a little more direct than in Baden, where I come from.

With internal support from a mentor, I joined a customer project in the retail environment in the area of SAP F&R (Forecast & Replenishment) and thus acquired my first consulting skills directly in practice – a clear difference to my previous activities.

After a good two years and the successful completion of this project, I had the feeling that I needed to try something else, to gather further experience elsewhere, in another country, in another company. So I moved to Switzerland – back to in-house activities, this time as SAP Logistics Module Manager.

I learnt a lot here – including what I was missing! Because neither consenso nor the consulting business had completely let go of me. So I returned to consenso in March 2020, straight into a new project, this time an expansion project for a fashion jewellery company.

Today, I am an SAP Senior Consultant and Sub-Project Manager – a career that I would never have imagined when I started my career – and I have definitely arrived in my home port.

I think consenso is really a great employer! What I appreciate most is the family feeling. You can feel it in the project work, but also in the many joint activities such as our football tournaments, where I like to be the referee! Team spirit is our strength.

We communicate on an equal footing, have flat hierarchies and benefit from this both professionally and personally. Personal development is supported, and individual goals and preferences are considered. "Hire to retire" is not just a buzzword here! Many colleagues have been with us for more than ten years and some have even been here from the very beginning.

So if you are looking for a career change, I can highly recommend you join consenso. You may find your professional home port here – just like me!

Stefan Reuter, SAP Senior Consultant (in November 2023)



From my studies in business informatics to SAP consulting - my start at consenso

I have found my employer at consenso – in the feeling that individual skills are encouraged, problems are addressed and that there is generally a very friendly and warm working atmosphere.  

After graduating from the University of Duisburg-Essen with a degree in Business Informatics, I was looking for a new challenge. Already during my studies, I was partly responsible for an SAP training program offered to students in one of the faculties. These were my first experiences with SAP.

It soon became clear that I would stay in the SAP field after my graduation. Due to consenso's good reputation in the faculty, I became interested in the company and applied. When I came in for my interview, the reception was very warm. I learnt that I looked "starved" and was offered potato salad and meatballs as a remedy. This kind gesture alone made me realise that consenso must be something special.

My initial training was a combination of first customer activities and presentations by Senior Consultants. I then gained practical experience with my first customer in the area of Sales/SD. After a short time, I was already responsible for my own tasks. At my own request, I was also able to gain initial experience in the area of SAP CAR.

After about 9 months, I was asked if I would take over the initial training for Basics and Sales. I was surprised and at the same time delighted to be asked. It's exciting to accompany the new colleagues on their first steps at consenso, at least in part, and to experience their learning progress at first hand. This way, I get to know many new colleagues, even if I don't work with them directly on the projects.

After just one year, I was offered a role as a Sub-Project Manager at a second customer, which I gladly accepted. In this project, I was able to strengthen my SAP CAR knowledge, as the first phase involved booking POS sales via SAP CAR using IDOC in S/4. I knew it would be challenging, but I definitely had the confidence to take on this function in the project. We have now gone live with phase 1 and have thus successfully completed the first part of the overall project.

But it is not only the successes in customer projects that define working at consenso:

Internally, I took on the role of Topic Owner in the area of SAP CAR in May 2023. One example of what we did as a working group was to set up a new CAR system and configure all the necessary settings in the areas of POS DTA, OAA, UDF/DDF, OPP, etc. ourselves. This way, we create expertise among our colleagues and, at the same time, added value for sales activities.

That's my story at consenso – and it's far from over. I'd say I have found it: MY HOME PORT.

Niklas Lenk, SAP Consultant (in October 2023)



From Automotive Mechatronics Engineer to SAP Developer - even detours lead to the goal

I didn't head directly for my home port at consenso, but rather in a roundabout way. Why?

I like cars. So, I didn't actually want to become an SAP Developer, but an Automotive Mechatronics Engineer. I successfully completed the apprenticeship, but then I changed my mind – I also like computers:-)

Thus, I did a second apprenticeship as an IT Specialist for System Integration.

An acquaintance – now a colleague – recommended consenso to me as an employer and I applied. Up to that point, I had actually still planned to work in systems support, but things turned out differently.

During the job interview in Bielefeld, I was not only shown the advantages of consenso, but also the benefits of working as an SAP Developer with a focus on SAP Process Orchestration (SAP PO), i.e. the connection of third-party systems to SAP via interface. The ever-changing challenges of project work, the constant variety due to the different third-party systems of the various customers, the close communication – technical and professional – with the customers on the one hand and the colleagues on the consulting side on the other, the teamwork. 

After three years at consenso, I can say that my expectations have been fully met. My induction took place gradually and directly in the customer project, with the guidance of a mentor who supported me in word and deed, so that I was able to work independently in a very short time.

Today, my field of activity encompasses the entire development process, from the definition of requirements in direct contact with the customer to the independent implementation and execution of tests with the business department concerned. My expertise now ranges from interface development in SAP PO via classic ABAP programming through to SAP Cloud Integration Platform (CPI), a broad field that never allows for boredom.

Working at consenso – for me, that means hands-on experience with the latest technologies, mutual support in the team, targeted internal training and working independently. In particular, I wouldn't want to miss the help and/or hints from my colleagues – whether in the same project or across projects. This way I can constantly develop myself in order to come up with the best solution.

But I cannot leave the social component unmentioned either. If it's possible, I am happy to drive the 150 km from my home office to Bielefeld to spend time with my colleagues – in the office, but also in the hotel after work. And the fact that you'd better not miss Fridays in the kitchen is no secret at consenso anyway.

So, I can say: anchor cast, anchor set!

Tobias Derks, SAP Developer (in May 2022)


Mission Automation - From Intern to SAP Consultant

I joined consenso because my studies in computer science at the FH Bielefeld were coming to an end and I was looking for an internship.

Since I had heard that you can learn a lot in a very short time in consulting, I applied to consenso. The right step? Oh yes - and how!

On my first day at work, I was "onboarded" together with other colleagues who were starting a permanent position at consenso at the same time.

There was a thorough introduction to the company culture and history as well as the technical equipment. From the beginning, I was treated like a "normal" employee and appreciated accordingly. Everyone I met here offered their help at every step of the way.

Due to my interest in business administration and my computer science background, I ended up in the automation team. For our customers, we automate process steps in SAP or other applications with the support of RPA (Robotic Process Automation). For example, transactions and processes in SAP can be automated and executed at the push of a button. This is currently my focus. I was immediately given a lot of trust and responsibility; I had the opportunity to attend courses directly at the software manufacturer UiPath and acquire certificates in the process.

Thus, I was trained theoretically and practically at the same time and quickly had the good feeling that I could offer real added value in the customer's project.

After only 10 weeks of good cooperation, I was offered a permanent position and the opportunity to write my Bachelor's thesis here at consenso. I have also been supported in my Master's degree, and my own interests have been taken into account.

Work-intensive days are mastered together with nice colleagues, so that at the end we can be proud of the final product together.

My expectations have been confirmed. The learning curve is huge, and I look forward to continuing to learn and improve every day.

Marcell Wach, SAP Consultant (in February 2022)


Studies successfully completed. And now? My career start at consenso

My career start at consenso was very warm and easy.

II was quickly admitted into a group of young people, and the relaxed and humorous atmosphere between the colleagues instantly dispelled all my initial concerns that might come along with the first job after university.

In the second working week already, I started to work at the customer which suited me perfectly. Instead of hitting the books for months, I could gain my first practical experiences.

In parallel, there was a comprehensive training plan for all starters providing an overview of all processes in all business sectors, presented by qualified colleagues with numerous practical examples.

You constantly keep learning and are supported by the colleagues, enabling you to solve tasks and problems independently. In my case, this motivated me to take over more and more topics and tasks within the project.

The following project provided me with many new and totally different tasks so that I could make further progress. The strongly increasing project responsibility resulted in my first own sub-project, which – of course – was also successfully implemented! 

Every time I am astonished when I realise that I have been part of consenso for about three years already.

During this time, I have learned such a lot, have had international projects, have been assigned as sub-project manager of various undertakings and have met great colleagues that you definitely can also call friends. I have learned to grow with my tasks and the constantly increasing responsibility, always knowing that I can rely on my experienced colleagues where necessary.

Of course, it is the projects and challenges that make me stay, however, I have also come to deeply appreciate the big family into which you are admitted!

Sounds like MY HOME PORT, I would say!

Jennifer Mölders, SAP Senior Consultant (in November 2019)